ZenCasa is a management system created for Co-Living and Co-Habitation. Through providing a safe and easy space to communicate and deal with all shared aspects of life.
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Tools :

Illustrator, Photoshop, Invision, Sketch, 

Role : 

Visual , UI & UX Designer

Catergory : 

Project Development, UI&UX Design, Brand design, UX Research 

Collaboration : 

Sharif Hadidi

** This project is developed under

NYU Stern’s entrepreneur 300K challenge

program NOV2017 **



ZenCasa is a platform as a service that provides tools to help roommates live more harmoniously without any of the awkwardness. We look to help landlord retain their tenants longer term in order to further a relationship. Managing the relationships of the roommates allows for improved compatibility and living. Through a payment portal we can become the complete solution for landlords and tenants through a personal branded portal.





  • Learning & Challenges

    • Challenges Include

      • Narrowing Competitive Market

      • Focusing on the target market

        • Narrowing target from all rentals

        • Focus on co-living communities

      • Determining most valuable features

      • Determining the market strategy

    • Learning Moments

      • The difficulty of getting in touch with management within co-living communities

      • Understanding the tools people use to manage their households

      • Understanding the relationships

      • Understanding the value of retaining tenants year over year within rental units

  • Next step

    • Creating functional prototype

    • Run user-testing

    • Run small scale pilot within one building

    • Create marketing plan for platform and begin outreach

    • Add additional functionality in order to improve usability