Moving Buddy


Moving buddy is a chrome extension and mobile application that provides a service to inform people about their move to New York City. The chrome extension solicits recommendations from friends on social media. It will recognize websites like Streeteasy, Naked Apartment, Zillow, Craiglist, Nooklyn, or Padmapper and extract information on neighbourhoods you are interested in. Moving Buddy will even allow you to make moving suggestions to people you know from your social media platforms once you have made your own move. 

Tools :

Illustrator, Invision, Sketch

Role : 

Visual, UI&UX Designer

Catergory : 

UX design, Prototyping, Product design

Collaborate with : 

Paula Ceballos

**This project has been developed in User Experience Studio class at NYU, Steinhardt. Under a supervision by Asst. Prof Ralph Vacca **








The idea for Moving Buddy was developed based on the design question: How might we help adult students, with anxiety, feel more in control? 

Our team did initial research in the form of one-on-one interviews that gave us insight into personal relationships and responses to anxiety. We decided to cast a wider net for a broader understanding of the types of anxiety issues people face, as well as the forms in which anxiety is managed. We first conducted a survey with the NYU community on anxiety. We then used that survey to craft a scenario that would help us both empathize with our audience and think through the various compounding causes, complexities, and comorbidities of anxiety.

From the result of our primary survey, we have found that the problem most people stated was regarding financial issues, so we adopted IDEO's design kit in order to validate our data collection methods and implement our ideas. 


From here, we found an opportunity to work on the cause of anxiety and decided to target on the prevention stage. Which we have brainstormed on where we should anchored down our challenge. 

This is where we decided to continue with a new design challenge. "How to reduce stress and anxiety for New York City new comer?" with this idea we developed logic models to help us going forward with this challenge.


User journey helped us to understand each stage of what's happening in a user's mind from doing, thinking, feeling, and experiencing. From here we were interested in the stages of research and apartment visiting, which raised the question that what if we had someone we trusted telling us about the neighborhood ? If we had a platform or tools could answer this question it would also benefit us after we moved into the neighborhood to find out where to eat, drink, or hang out. 

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Mobile Application

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