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Interactive window displays created around the theme of time. It flashes your life before your eyes. Your Instagram life. By texting the number listed on the window your Instagram account (ie: @tasteofstreep), the eye will blink and flash your images to give you a glimpse back into your past. 

This project built under the concept of 'TIME'. It started from translating what can 'time' means in different contexts. We ended up with this design because it represents a captured moment in a playful way that each audience will be experiencing their own photos in a blink of an eye. 

The windows were displayed from November 8 - 14, 2016 at the Skirball Center for the Performing Arts windows on Laguardia Pl and W 3rd St in Greenwich Village in Manhattan. 



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Our team developed this project over the course of 7 weeks along with two other windows under the same concept. Our goal was to create an interactive piece that is cheerful, fun, whimsical but also easy to understand to the majority of people. 

We ended up making a giant eye ball that blinks and will "make you look,"  with the only input of the audience being through a simple text message.


We divided prototypes into three sections where we all worked together exploring the interactions, technology, materials, and code

1. Motor: the angle, action, and type of motor that carries the weight of the construction.

2. The eye & wall design:  aesthetics, material, and motion.

3. The code: how to grab a live feed from the audience member's Instagram account.  


In addition to the challenge of meeting a tight deadline and getting the project working within one month, we had to navigate the obstacle of technology limitation at the installation area. To make the giant eye blink and gather information, it needed a strong and steady wi-fi connection which our venue could not provide us. Another challenge was the transportation, improvising with our surroundings to move a gigantic wooden wall and eye-socket on the streets of New York City. Finally, the we had to make sure everything was running smoothly 24/7 throughout all three days of the exhibition.   


ITP Winter show.  December 2016 / TISCH School of The Arts / New York City

Code is Creative and SIGNAL2017 :  BA$H by Twilio.  June 2017 / Pier 29 / San Francisco


Tools :

Node.js, Twillio, Arduino, Rhino, CNC router, Illustrator, Photoshop, paper craft

Role : 

Fabrication, display design, project management.

Catergory : 

fabrication, digital fabrication, window display design, programming, full stack javascript, physical computing