I am a Bangkok born, New York based UX /  UI and Visual designer currently exploring the boundaries of science, technology and innovation as a way to create positive behavioral change. Passionate to fabricate delightful, beautiful and meaningful designs. 

With background in account management and project manager in advertising industry, I strive to collaborate with cross-functional teams to learn and leverage the communication internally because I believe it is a way to understand the real user's need and deliver the most effective and simplest solution to the users.  

I eager to explore recent tools, platforms or technologies that would response to brands and end user's needs. I am driven by clean and thoughtful visual language as it is a way to communicate in a subconscious level. 

Recently graduated from NYU / Interactive Telecommunication Program (ITP) where I explored the intersection of design, paper crafts, physical computing, programming, true friendship and making myself lunchbox.  

Currently committed to 100daysofpapercraft project and daily pilates.